Feeling At Home In An In-House Career

In college I was overwhelmed by the wealth of career opportunities available to me, as well as the breadth of directions I could go in my work life. I had a double major in economics and Russian history and knew that without advanced degrees in either area, the knowledge I had acquired served little use in the working world. It was at that point I realized I had to pursue a higher education and define a career objective that correlated to further studies. I chose law.

The attorneys we saw on television, such as Perry Mason, inspired some of us to become lawyers. Others were fulfilling their parents' ambitions or dreams. Possibly some had role models who were lawyers, while others were enamored by the financial rewards of law. In short, one or more of these motivations may have shaped our decision to become lawyers.

their success.

In short, when I was deciding whether to pursue law, in retrospect it would have been impossible to predict how challenging and fulfilling the practice of law could be--particularly from an in-house perspective.

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