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AFTER WE published the first CLT Ten in 2004, we were skeptical that we could uncover another 10 legal departments that were doing anything truly innovative. After all, how many different ways can you staff a legal department, get creative with a budget, manage litigation or persuade outside counsel to reduce their fees? Well, it turns out there are many. The goal of the CLT Ten is to showcase innovative ways of handling common problems most legal departments face. There are two main selection requirements. First, is the solution innovative? And second, is it something any size legal department or company could implement? We also look for variety. Highlights from this year's CLT Ten include a GC who raced off to the scene of an accident involving her company's tour bus, a biotech startup that developed a financial model to forecast IP costs, a manufacturing company that used an online auction to hire law firms, and a group of GCs from Wisconsin who started a their own networking organization. The CLT Ten is not a ranking, nor is it an awards presentation. It is simply 10 great ideas that we think will help you better manage your legal department. If you think your legal department deserves to be in the next CLT Ten, then send us an e-mail ( with a brief explanation of why you think your colleagues need to know about your department's innovative solution.

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