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It's common for in-house lawyers to ask me, "Why would you ever want to go to a place such as Tyco?" Given all the negative headlines the company has received in recent years, I can understand their curiosity. But sometimes in life you have to take a chance--and nothing will put a career's worth of legal experiences to better use than joining a company that needs to work its way out of trauma.

While Tyco isn't finished with this construction project, many of the steps we have taken thus far provide a nice blueprint for other departments or lawyers who face similar challenges.

e-billing tool, providing us with greater visibility into all aspects of our legal spending. We also have been successful in our RFP processes, which in the case of our products liability portfolio, reduced the number of firms handling our matters from 167 to one. Subsequent RFPs have been equally effective.

Fourth, we need to focus on results. This year everyone is focusing on what they, as individuals, will do specifically to improve the function of the legal department. In some respects, my biggest result has already been achieved, all because I took a chance.

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