The modern history of legal department management is only about 15 years old. Up until the early 1990s legal departments were small, disrespected and characterized as the "nursing homes" of lawyers who couldn't handle the pressure of law firm life. In most cases, those seeking refuge from billable hours and the complexities of serving multiple clients staffed legal departments.

CLT's mission was not only to change the stereotype, but also to teach GCs how to be better businesspeople.

There is a current trend of tremendous consolidation among firms (large law firm mergers are announced on a daily basis), as well as pressure by CEOs and CFOs to use as few firms as possible (under the auspices of being able to leverage that consolidation for a reduced total legal bill). But such consolidation may not be what's best for the company's legal department in the long-term. In today's changing corporate landscape, legal departments need access to firms with specialized talents. In other words, they need more choices, rather than fewer.

This magazine will continue to provide the tips, tools and techniques (as well as the supporting evidence) to help you succeed in a hyper-competitive environment. As will those pioneers who make a living advising legal departments on how to best manage, organize and compete. Experts sometimes miss the mark though, and the way the lawyers have been doing it for decades really may be the best business model after all.

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