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When we arrive at the office Monday morning, we are bombarded with voice mails,

e-mails, faxes, meetings, carryovers of projects from the prior week, and a "to do" list for the day and the week ahead. In this age of instant communications generating an expectation for immediate responses, we generally start off our week in overload mode. And it only gets worse as the week progresses. In trying to address all of the concrete tasks at hand, it's easy to overlook one of our most important responsibilities--mentoring, inspiring and motivating the legal or business team that surrounds us.

It also means taking the time to compliment them on a task well done. It means thanking them for putting in that extra time or effort to timely provide you with a needed report. It may mean taking them to lunch periodically, which not only fosters team spirit, but also injects a memorable human element into the work relationship.

Next Monday morning when you walk into the office bombarded with various communications and work priorities, include on that list some mentoring and relationship-building time to be spent with your staff members that goes beyond meeting project deadlines.

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